Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cool blog alert!

If you love freebies, coupons, and other cool stuff, then you may be interested in this very eye-pleasing blog. As an example of what I consider a very cool, somewhat quirky, funny freebie, is Nasa's send your face into space.

I'm not kidding!

It goes like this. You upload a picture of yourself, input a little info, pick the mission you want your face to travel on, and quicker than you can say, bang, zoom! Your off and, I mean flying. There's also an option to just send your name into space, if your not comfortable with giving them a picture.
The space shuttle program is ending with just a couple of missions left, so this may be a cool way to remember it by!

So check out this cool Nasa freebie, and all the other neat stuff this blog has to offer. They also have an RSS feed to keep you updated on all their daily finds.