Sunday, December 12, 2010

The magic of Winter

Brown grass, brown trees, brown leaves wrinkled and crumpled, have all been replaced by a winter wonderland today. White and fluffy it came. Falling on treetops, buildings and streets-covering everyhing in it's path. Cars driving by with their wheels making a slushing sound, made me wonder where everyone was going in such a hurry? Slow down, look up. Do you see the wonder of it all? Do you see the magic that is winter? Take time to step out of your car, your warm house, and look up, look around you. See that snowflake falling down? Stick out your tongue and feel it's coldness, it's sweet reminder as it melts slowly into your mouth. There's magic to be found there, in that one tiny snowflake. It's telling you that the earth is renewing itself. Blanketing all the despair and misery with hope. Hope that the season will bring kindness towards others. Sharing what you have, no matter how little you have to give. Let this canopy of white be what you need to rejoice, to remind you that a simple snowflake holds the power of faith and rejuvination of spirit.
And don't forget to look up.

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