Sunday, September 23, 2012

Soft Scrub Total Review

Soft Scrub has a great line of some awesome home cleaning products, and recently I was sent two products to try out. The first product was Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl cleaner.

Now I never look forward to cleaning my bathrooms, (who does?), but was excited to see how well this product would work.
One thing I really liked-you can switch from fine mist to thick foam when needed and the bottle even sprays upside down! It also deodorized the toilet bowl, sinks, shower, tub, and left that nice clean smell, that only a clean bathroom can have.
Also, and I know this product is intended for bathroom use, but I just had to try it out on my refrigerator ice maker tray. Sometimes water gathers at the bottom, and what's left behind is scale and lime deposits.In the past, I've  scrubbed and scrubbed, but can never get all of it off.  I squirted a tiny bit of the Soft Scrub foam in the tray, let it sit for a couple minutes, and to my surprise, the tray wiped clean. No hint of scale or lime anywhere. So easy!

Next I tried the Soft Scrub Total All Purpose cleaner. I used it on my stove, and loved how well it worked on the burners. I usually wash them in soap and water,  but I found that they came out shinier when I used the Soft Scrub. And what's great is that there's no rinsing required. That in itself is a great time saver! I also used it on the outside of my top loading washer and dryer. Both came out clean and smelling fresh. I'll be using this product for these uses, and many more I'm sure.

 I enjoyed trying out these products, and can highly recommend them. The bottles have different colors on them, so they're easy to find in your cupboard. Also, having a product that you can use upside down is so very useful. Great for all those hard to reach spots! For those tasks that require either foaming action or spray, the nozzle on Soft Scrub Total gives you those options.

And don't forget to ENTER the Soft Scrubs Tough and Gentle Sweepstakes where you can win $1,000!  There will also be 50 2nd place winners who will receive $40 if Gift Cards.

*I was sent these products to review an give my honest opinion.

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